hotlot.se can offer microelectronic assembly prototypes in a large variety of packages with lead times as short as 6 hours.

We can handle wafers as well as bare dies and we can offer ball bonding (Au), wedge bonding (Au, Al) and heavy wire bonding (Al) in the package of choice.

Arrive in the morning and hand us your dies, wait in our reception, or take a few hours and enjoy the beautiful city of Stockholm, before you pick up your packages and return home in the evening.

With our hotlot service you can start evaluating your product within a day after you have received your dies.

We have done products for automotive, telecom, consumer, industrial, space and medical applications.

Some parts have been sent out in orbit around our globe, others might be mounted in your car and some are used in deep oceans.

What can we do for you?
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Demonstration of high loops, 1500 um, and long, 25um, Au wires on a ceramic substrate.
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