This is a list of packages that we have done and can offer. Please read more about our capabilities at

We can assembly most kind of packages. But your product may require a new package or a substrate layout. In these cases there will be some design and lead time involved.

It is very important that we are able to verify material and processes ahead in time in order to achieve a successful hotlot run.

If a suitable package is available and the processes have been verified, can offer lead times as short as 6 hours.

Always contact us and check availability for you requirements.

Molded PCB based QFN packages
4x4 mm 28L QFN
5x5 mm 28L QFN
6x6 mm 40L QFN
7x7 mm 48L QFN
9x9 mm 56L QFN
BGA packages
SEMPAC packages
QUICKPAC packages
Kyocera NTK packages

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